Exams done.

I am going to read so much. You have no idea. This list of things that I am going to do is very long- I have been under so much stress and have worked non-stop, revising almost every night for the past two years. I have revised at least 8 hours a day everyday for the past 5 weeks. Sometimes more. On weekends? 12 hours. 9-9.

First: I’m going to Spain. And I’m going to fucking enjoy it. I’m going to eat churros. I’m going to hold my arms out to the sea and have it embrace me. I am going to learn to love the sand as it tries to burrow into all of my food, and the sun as it scolds me for enjoying it too darn much.

Second: Books. Lots of them. The Life of Pi. Weathering Heights. Emily Bronte. Everything Dan Brown has ever written. The fucking dictionary if I can.

Next: Eat. Everything. I’m going to fucking enjoy myself. It has been two years of just exams and wanting good grades. Please. I am not even kidding. I am going to devour every single chocolate cake that has ever existed to be eaten on this Earth.

After that? : Yoga. All day, everyday. I am going to read whilst I do yoga, I am going to eat, laugh, cry, talk, learn, love whilst I do yoga. God, I miss yoga. I had to stop doing it to revise around February. I want to get to know my body again.

Na: Learn Dutch. Dutch is the coolest language and I will not hear otherwise.

And Then? : I AM GOING TO FUCKING WRITE. I fucking love writing, man. About 2 years ago I started writing a book. I am about 100 pages in and I swear to the sweet Heavens above if I do not make the time to improve, add to and decoupage this book I will go to the Heavens and I will drag from it everything that it has ever loved. I am very serious about writing. My bad.

There is nothing that I am looking forward to more than this 12 weeks.



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