What is it to write?

To write is to create, to sing and to dance to music with no sound, and to hear the call of the birds when there is no nature. To write is an invitation to be elsewhere.

It is the remedy to all sadness, the food of hunger and water of thirst. When you write, you are elsewhere.

I cannot wait to write- to create.

For, time is not always crucial to a good piece- I write this as a daydream (judge for yourself if this is ‘good’), fleetingly, wasting time that I don’t have- but it is like the sugar to make a cake sweeter, and the juice to stop a babies boredom.

Time is handy, it makes it rougher as the storm to which you never want to leave- the sense of belonging as rain hails down on you. Not the right metaphor, but the right feeling.

Writing is hard, but I can’t wait to do it.


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