The bustle of busy people fills your ears. Your head space. But what a wonderful head space to be in.

The rush of business is one virtue of this big city- and it’s a big city for a reason; so many people flock to London to travel, to browse the small corner bookshops, to taste the pastry in a distracting coffee shop, purely because they enjoy the feeling of the breeze. Of course, that would be the breeze as a taxi joins the excited clamour of the London roads.

This city truly is a microcosm of living- anticipation, hope, emotion fill the air and are engraved in the gravel. The tube is an excellently fast way of getting around without exhausting the soles of your shoes, but the real pleasure is navigating your way around this chatty city and feeling it guide you along like an old friend.

So, if you’re considering, even a little, visiting this vast wonderland, consider your favourite coffee, the most thrilling adventure, and the most authentically unauthentic food, but add laughter, happiness, mystic, and the intriguing hum of the city streets, and just go.


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