A poem.


It bites me, mocks me, 

The winter hits my heels as it runs to catch up with me 

But slow and steady wins the race,  

So I take it steady, 

I tell the winter that I love you, 

Nothing can keep me from you, not the cold. 


I watch as the flowers climb into to the clouds, 

I take refuge under a weeping willow, 

My book looks back at me, 

And my hair tries to dance with the wind, 

My eyes skim over the fruitless words on the page, 

Nothing keeps me more enrapt than my love for you. 


I see the birds start to sing as I walk towards you, 

You stare back at me,  

The heat hurts you, your tender skin, 

But the birds sing and nothing can distract me, 

Not even the starving conversation, 

From the love that I feel for you. 


Autumn is here, 

And it isn’t unwelcome, 

But it comes and it taunts me with bright colours- 

With others’ contentment when I feel so empty, 

But I keep on trying, 

Because nothing keeps me moving forward like my love for you. 


It’s winter again, 

And I look into your icy blue eyes, 

The fire burns with passion, 

But something feels off, 

Something hasn’t been right, 

I think all I thought this needed was my love for you.  




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