You didn’t want to hear that nagging voice in the back of your mind.

You didn’t want to know what they think of you, because as a human being with real, almost palpable, dangerously thin emotions, you prefer to convince yourself of what you want to believe, because it’s easy to make excuses when you have nothing to excuse.

My point is, that it’s hard to ignore what you never wanted to hear, and much more so when you thought the opposite. Or worse? When it’s something you absolutely never wanted to happen. You never wanted to even imagine it.

As human beings, why do we just prefer to invent opinions rather than hearing them? That’s easy, because it’s easy, because it’s safer, because it’s less painful. Who wants to know that they hate you when you could just be oblivious? Who wants to know that they went behind your back when they could remain there? The truth is sometimes a lot like the Christmas present that you never wanted. Shoved to the back, unwanted, and unloved.

I often think about this; about the way that humans operate. Even when you know it’s true, you still don’t have the evidence, so it can’t be.

It’s easier to ignore that they’ve gone, that your joke at 3:56 pm yesterday just wasn’t funny, that your life has changed, a lot. It’s far easier to have fun with your friends rather than realise that they don’t actually want to behaving fun with you. It’s short term happiness, but it works.

The main thing to realise is that this is all folly, as of course is as true for everything that we do.

The things that you never wanted to know are true, so accept them. The things that you never wanted to know are stupid, so learn from their mistakes. The things that you never wanted to know are in the back of your closet, and sometimes it’s okay to just throw them out. Just don’t sit there and stare at it before you do. There can be short term happiness and long term pain. Life is unfair like that. But life is a liberalist, do what you please, but just let it go.

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