There are several things you can do in life, sitting still and doing nothing is only one. 

One thing that I like to do, is something; and I mean that like this: I try to learn from every situation, I try to better myself, I try not to sit still and to fill every ‘spare moment’.

It’s about project management. 

It’s about finding out what you can do now to make the later better. I haven’t always done this though, it used to be a game of impulse, of listening to others but not really listening. 

I read a book, or some of it (I am still reading it, it’s not a story but a serious of instructional advices) and it told me to listen in order to appreciate. I am trying to get better. 

There are, however, times when you don’t need to actually listen and times when it’s not for the best, I think i need to get better at discerning for myself too, what is the best thing to do. 

I say that I am independent but I depend so heavily on others to validate me and to tell me how to deal with situations. 

Tell me how to be, I say that a lot, to myself and to others. I need to be with myself. 

I’ve made a lot of mistakes, some which will now be harder to undo. 

Maybe impossible.

It happens for a reason though, right? 

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