I needed to write this. I need to shout until my voice goes coarse that from the bottom of my heart that it’s going to all be okay. Okay in the sense of 100% Sunday morning- it’s life, breathe it in.

A warm cup of coffee with your fingertips laced around it, the assuaged serenity that surrounds a Sunday morning and the excitable rush when you’re productive. The drifting in and out of sweet, sweet love for everything and everyone. The clatter as the rain falls around you and you fingertips fall on the keys whilst you type how you feel. Well, whilst I type how I feel.

It’s what we’re here for. Grab it by the fucking bow tie.

The brilliant nonchalance of feeling that you get when you have everything that you want and more. Even though no one can and no one ever will, you know you have it all just because you have yourself.

The swift transferal of the musicians unmoved serenity and impenetrable, absolutely unequivocally chic blaze from them to you.

Being happy is cool, caring is cool. Forgiveness is hot this month.

Truly ground yourself to yourself, find the message in a bottle that makes a home on the beach, read the stars and find what you want and what you need.

It’s always there if you look, so look for what you need, look for happiness, look for forgiveness, find it in your heart, truly from the bottom of your heart, to love yourself and everyone else.

Move mountains.

From the bottom of my heart, you deserve happiness with no loop holes.

From the bottom of my heart, it’s going to be indubitably okay; it’s just life, after all.

Songs to make you feel Sunday morning okay:

Lemon: Tulpa

I am Done: Schmidt

Say my name, Hermitude remix: ODESZA

Solo Dance: Martin Jensen

Make me (cry): Noah Cyrus


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