Deep along the borders of some countries, there are mountains. Mountains so high you could jump off and never touch the ground and so tall that they almost grab the snow before it even starts falling. They sit amongst clouds and sometimes, I even imagine small families living on them, perhaps amongst mountain goats and cold, snowy, jumper like animals.

And when I say jumper-like, I mean cosy, because cosy is my ideal. Cosy is what I want to be at all times. In a cosy situation in a cosy jumper, eating cosy, fireplace atmosphere food and talking cosy, comfortable, lovely, warm chats. I want to constantly feel cosy. Cosy to me is comfortable-and comfortable to me is content.

Far along the borders of others, lay sandy beaches and oceans that sing to you, that sway you to sleep and that beg for you to have your first date there; they compel couples to kiss and you can never get hurt, because you cannot be sad there, the sadness will just bounce off of the waves and the ‘fen shui’. They are a vaccine for sadness.

That is someone else’s idea of happiness. I cannot explain why, because it is not mine.

I have just explained to you why humans are so amazing, and so confusing. Think about it.


We are all so-not unique, not different, that’s cliche- we’re humbling and creative, opposite but equal. Miles away from each other and yet so close. I often think of people in Africa having the same feelings as me, and yet being so far. A human is just coding- coding for a way of life, and how much can a code vary?  The base is the same, the building blocks are the same material.

It should be a life of love, of understanding, and yet, it isn’t. It isn’t this diaphanous fabric of a feeling, it isn’t consistently assuaging to be around the other humans.

It is scary. Apoplectic. Inhumanity within humans.

I ask you why; think.


I don’t know the answer, but I know how it should be done. Perhaps it’s because they can’t feel the connection, the liquid like happiness when you see another human being smile.  Random acts of kindness should be all the time and everywhere- we are all human.

We all need to think more.

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