Please, I beg you.

The most important lesson that I’ve learned over the course of my so far very short life is that we are all human- truly, 100% exactly the same. The ways of life that we’ve created are purely to pass the time, and at the end of it all, we are purely animal.

This is why you must help yourself. You must.

It’s the human’s want for competition that nurtures the jealousy inside of you, and it is the animal inside of us that meditates on feeling and on music, and it is the animal inside of us that sways to rhythm.

This is how you help yourself. I promise.

You are animal, you are ethereal, you are truly, 100% indiscernible. We will never know why humans are so delicate and so jealous and so loving and so yearning for touch and oxytocin to survive, and yet we will never know why we pray for solitude and solicitude in this, we will never know why we crave success and competition. Humans are oxymora. The best part? We invented them.

Help yourself, crave the animal, crave the petal-like dainty side of yourself.

Be violent, smash them together, you will get something unknown and yet so, so wonderful; although, you are human, so it will end up being a wonderful diaphanous fabric of a feeling, it will be nothing that you wanted and everything that you crave. We are humans, what we do best is discover what we never knew we wanted. And how can we have wanted it if we didn’t know that the feeling existed? How can we want something before it is discovered.

Here is some advice. No. Here is the best sentence that you’ll ever read, and think hard about it. I promise, it really does mean something:

You are human, you are you, it’s going to be okay, it’s going to be wonderful, it’s going to be everything that you ever thought of moving to do; you have it within you, you can help yourself, humans can help you just by being in your thoughts- this is a promise and a discovery, and this is your discovery, this is your want without existence.

Everybody has a want without existence. Everybody.

Help yourself.

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