This month has been wonderful, my family and I got lost in a forest, I listened to new songs, and it is the summer.

I think of summer as the state of happiness where you feel that you could do anything, and where it becomes increasingly more difficult to be sad, and much easier to motivate yourself.

So, here are the month’s songs and lessons.


  • Who do you think of?-MO
  • Overwhelming- Jon Bellion
  • Tears- Clean Bandit ft. Lousia Johnson
  • Plateau- r.e.l
  • So fine- Justin Love

2) Movie to watch: The Devil Wears Prada- It’s light and hopeful, and it features a make over, which always reminds me of summer(I feel that it emulates metaphorically the leaves changing and becoming new, changing colour).

3) Walk through a forest. There is nothing better than walking through a forest in summer, I feel, and getting coffee before- we did just that, and it was amazing; the light comes through the trees and the forest paths are light and welcoming. I strongly recommend that you find an untouched part of the forest as well, because there is nothing more human than wrestling the leaves or losing a shoe in mud that is actually your predecessor.

4) Book to read: This book will save your life- A.M Homes. When I think about it, this book is like the seasonal transition of winter to summer, and in doing so, it documents a man’s misgivings and his journey to improve them. He is rich, like summer, and the book is interesting, exactly like life, which I think is the point. There is something so refreshing about reading a book that you would like very much not to put down. And, if I’m being honest, I had been waiting to read it for a while now.

5) Exfoliate. It makes your skin feel soft, and your makeup will indubitably go on smoother and with a nicer finish. If you don’t wear makeup or if you’re a guy, it’s just nice, it looks and feels better.

6) Exercise, put on some music and dance. It’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s empowering, which is something that we need in the digital age where it can be very difficult to find ourselves amongst the technology and consequentially, it’s evanescence of power. We must always remember who we are and what we are, which is human.

7) Go Pokemon hunting. It means that you walk, and if you go with friends? Even better. What if you see somebody else playing? Ask them what their team is.


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