No.3 is easier than it seems.

I often find new, little ways to improve myself, constantly on the look out to improve the way that I speak or how many doors I hold open a day; I am on the journey to becoming the Perfect Person. When I think about the Prefect Person, all I imagine is someone who is nice, graceful and  doesn’t do anything wrong, they nurture the fact that they’re human. Which should be easy… but it’s harder than it seems, you and I both know that.

So, below are some things that I am working on, on the journey to Perfect Personage- and how to achieve them.

1) They look after their body. This doesn’t men that you have to work out 5 times a week, but exercise is very important to them, and they recognise how good it makes them feel. For instance, studies show that Yoga not only makes you more able to deal with stress, but shrinks your amygdala- the part of your brain that controls fear and anxiety- this may explain why I haven’t had a nightmare ever since I started doing Yoga 2 years ago.

2) They take care of other people. Whether this is holding the door open or bringing them a surprise cupcake, they do it. They go above and beyond just to make other people happy, and it’s wonderful to watch. You can do this simply by making a tea for someone else when you make yours, or by sharing that packet of cookies with the office.

3) Self control is their second language. They know how to discipline themselves, and, in turn, lead a group. Self control is something that most people lack- ‘I’ll have this cookie because I deserve it’- but don’t you always say that? The key here is finding a goal that you really aspire to, and which you’ve wanted for a while, but not making it too big. As an example, ‘I want to only eat 2 cookies all week’ is far better than ‘I will eat no cookies anymore’, because the first one is measurable and more easy to stick too.

4) They invest in positive emotions. They don’t gossip, which is very difficult. However, all that’s needed to achieve this excellent personal trait is a good self control and an awareness of your surroundings- go on regular walks, look out at the sea, notice your own body and the way that it moves- this also increases self-love, which is something that we all, indubitably, need. When a gossiping opportunity comes up, take the negative thing and make it positive, or talk about something that everyone is looking forward to.

5) They use their brain everyday. This doesn’t need to mean that they write essays everyday, it can mean revising for 40 minutes or doing a crossword puzzle; it can even be getting rid of an old habit which will force your brain to focus.The Perfect Person knows that this is the key to staying perfect, longer- exercising and using your brain everyday means that you slow ageing and cognitive decline because of an increased blood flow to your brain!

6) They read for 20 minutes everyday. This exposes you to 1.8 million words a year which undoubtedly exposes you to tons of new vocabulary! If you’re a child, studies show that this increases your chances of achieving higher grades and as an adult, again, you are strengthening your brain… and becoming smarter than all of your friends!

7) Keeping in touch with friends is important to them. Some studies even show that a strong social community can lower the risks of getting a cold or the flu, whilst some simply tell us hat we already knew- social bonds cause happiness, which will lower your risk of depression. We all know the long term effects of this one; willingness to participate; less feelings of loneliness; becoming more trusting and having more willpower and motivation. You can achieve this one easily- say hi to people at the office, organise drinks with one friend or four; text someone and ask them how they are, or compliment your co-workers dress. Why not make your Monday a little easier by telling someone that you love them?

8) Clean their face everyday and washing their hair every other day is a priority. Washing your hair everyday will unnecessarily strip it of oil and cause it to be dry which means that it will amass split ends much more quickly, costing you ore money at the hairdressers. Meanwhile, cleaning your face limits the amount of pimples that you get and keeps you feeling clean and confident.

9) Walking is their first choice, biking is their second. Unless they’re in a rush, the Perfect Person does not hesitate to save the environment from pollution; they are always finding ways to exercise, because even though it hurts then, it won’t later. They just breath, and do it.

10) Choosing the healthy option is second nature to them. I am still learning to do this- but who needs all that sugar which will only cause pimples and health issues, when you could have an apple instead and reduce all of those chances? One way to do this is to say ‘I don’t eat that’ instead of ‘I can’t eat that’, because it gives the illusion of free will- another is to clench your muscles when you get a craving. It only takes two seconds to make the right choice-that said, they are not afraid to treat themselves either.

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