This is meant to be sung from the hilltops.

Summer, as I sit here, the sun streams through my window, and I sip my peppermint tea, a day long tradition of mine. I wave goodbye to SAD OCD and say hello to coping and bright lights which determine my happiness.

Summer, you make it an amazing experience to have things to look forward to, and I do. The Kooks, Spain, Hoodie Allen, my lover. Coffee, forests, learning Spanish, motorbikes, coming of age.

Summer, I just really love you; I just really love feeling whole. Summer does that to you- it changes the earth and the way you think, it’;s lighter for longer and it motivates you to move. It helps you see the good in things and wishes you well on all of your endeavours. I think that as an earth sign, I value seasonal changes and an affected by them a lot. More than other, anyway. Or is it just me? Tell me, summer.

Summer, if I could encapture this feeling, this lust for adventire and instillation of contentment that you fill me with, I wouldput it in a polaroid or a ja, and stare at it all day. If I could warn others of thedangers of winter and advise them on spending their whole lives in summer, then I would, I promise.

Summer, you make music so much better, you are what it is to live. Everything is bouncier with you, and cleaner. Everything is better.

Summer, the way light makes me feel is so indescribable, and the way you make me move is  wonder. The way that evenings are is so much better. Tea tastes better and long chats in the kitchen over tea and music are better, just because of the sun inviting itself in through the window, like a thief. But a good thief. Summer, you are a  thief of sadness and the only clue that you leave behind are happiness.

Summer, I can’t wait to go to concerts and parties and to paint my nails or wear nice things or write or listen to the music that somehow learns to be better. I can’t wait to go to coffee shops and read or go to coffee shops and talk or to take it all in.

Summer, if I could take it all in, I would. Is taking it all in the same as remembering it whole? I think so. I wish so deeply that I could relive the moment- and you make me understand what that means.

Summer, thank you. You remind me of guitars and dancing and sun and reading and writing and bouncy noises and plane rides and ambition and contentedness and when I first began yoga and nice tea and coffee shops.

Summer, you are so sweet, yet so spicy.


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