This will change your life.

No, but seriously, it will; ever since starting yoga 2 years ago, I’ve been calmer, and my exams have been easier, and as a person I’ve been more willing to listen to others. I do it twice every week to avoid losing myself in…myself. And you should to.

Here, I talk about the reasons that I love yoga, and how I’ve learned to accept myself because of it.

1)  First of all, it does help you lose weight, and become more toned. This, obviously isn’t the primary reason for doing anything, but we are fated to care about our bodies, and so this helps a lot. After about the first month, I noticed my body becoming more slim-lined, and then after about a year, my stomach became so toned that I couldn’t help but look at myself in the mirror and smile.

2) You begin to love every part about the way you look; when it’s just you on that matt, you start to look at your hands and at your legs, and it’s amazing. There is something so inherently magical about being the only one next to the calming colours of your matt- it’s the sincerest from of me time.

3) You connect with your body. The movement into each different asana connects you with yourself and with your body which helps you realise what you are as a human being– not only because you will be impressed at how you can do all of those asanas, but because for the first time, you are aware of every movement, and of what it means.

4) Your body feels lighter. All of the uncomfortable pain in your shoulders and in your back disappears in 20 easy minutes. Who doesn’t want this?

5) Even in stressful times, it becomes a reliable known. And what I mean is, organisation is always there, so you can never really feel lost, you always feel grounded, and that’s important.

6) It’s meditation for beginners. You are slowly become more satiate, more sentient, less Sisyphean. You are gently pushed into a calm that you get to return to whenever you want to, you begin to think more clearly. It’s meditation for beginners because it is a form of soft thought that never disappears, but also carries that feeling of nothingness, and sometimes nothingness is necessary.

7) I just saw my hand typing and smiled. I recognised them as a part of me, and it was the best thing- ever. I cannot express the feelings of gratitude that you feel when you see yourself. After knowing your body and knowing that it’s a part of you always, is so indubitably invaluable. That scar that you got from touching the pan too early? It becomes a part of you, and it seems strange, but it’s almost as if it’s an old friend.

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