It’s easy- so easy, it’s in your DNA.

Lately, I have been conversing with people more openly, more jovially and more comfortably.

This all comes with one major realisation- I am human, and so are they. We should be able to be in the same vicinity as each other with confidence, because we are all humans, similar and familiar without ever speaking or meeting; the thing is, the incredibly major thing, that confidence isn’t actually  a state of being, it’s more of a thought or an action.

Everybody worries about what everybody else is thinking- be the one to erase that. 

The myth states that to be confident you have to realise your potential or that you should pretend they’re all naked. Etcetera. But this just isn’t true- you just have to be content in the knowledge that they too are human; the fact that you smile at them makes their day, talking to them? That’s admirable. It’s an action because all you need to do is smile, or compliment them, and they’ll never even know you’re scared. You just have to do it. It’s an action because it’s a verb, I think, because it could come with an adverb, like ‘worriedly complimented’, but all they know of is the compliment, and they admire that.

Now- performing, presenting. They won’t judge you, they will just be glad it’s not them having to be’confident’. The one thing that you need to realise to perform, to be confident? What will be, will be.

It happens as it happens. Do your thing, smile, laugh, talk with new people, it happens at it happens, and it happens for a reason.

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