The grave and the rebirth.

It’s a strange concept, isn’t it? Buddhism and the rebirth of a person into another form. And how does it come about? And how does it make sense? I guess, because to be a complete person, you must live out life in the most complete way, and the only way to do that, normally, is to have more than one chance.

But, if you’re born in your last life, as an animal, which the Tibetan book of the dead describes as being oblivious, and living in dissonance with the world and with the universe, how can you live so completely? As you are inharmonious and you have no means to; if this is your first life, similarly, you cannot live it fully.

I bring this up only because I can, because happiness is so crucial to our survival. I have lately been on something such as a moral crossroads, but less. Talking behind the backs of those that you love is so pointless in the long run, and so pointless in the short one.

I will give compliments in the event that I feel jealous or insulting tendency.

However, that is harder than I make it seem, it is difficult in this world and society of judgement, which is so duly recognised, to neglect an insult, as the pressure is so prevalent.

Don’t get me wrong, my friends are incredible, and they in no way pressure me to be insulting, in fact, it’s the opposite, we encourage each other to be nicer. But do we do enough to ensure that this life is lived to completion?

So much of our discourse is made up of insults and correction that need not be made to others, that it has been natural. So much of our vocabulary has become almost inarticulate to the ears of kindness.

It’s time to change this. Compliment instead of insult. Advise instead of correct. IT’s a fine line, but with practice, any man can walk on it.

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