Hi, it’s me.

It’s lunch, having just arranged Anime, I am mildly enraged, by my qualms have been de-qualmed as now I’m eating a gluten free sweet potato falafel wrap.

I think Taylor Swift is playing in the background. This sets the mood.

Okay, what to tell you, well, for starts, the cats keep throwing up(????) and I know that it will hurt you deeply to be faced with the revelation that not all cats are as well as one would hope at first.

Also, it will enrage you to be faced with the knowledge that I worked out for a strong, exact 19.08 minutes, and I have been dutifully using my health app to keep score of my late and seldom not-so-late nights.

I also feel as though I should inform you that I have been eating this falafel wrap for two days and yesterday I managed to get so,e writing done on ‘Coffee books’ AND oH mY GODHHHDHH I had an AMAZING business idea that I will not mention on here.  Although I have been wodmering, often and not sparingly how it qould work because neither of us does textiles but then  I thought about how you literally always know what to do so in about a week I expect for us o have this business up and running.

I hope that was ominous enough for you.

I feel like I should mention that I recently bought a reusable Starbucks cup so you get 25p of your drinks and it will be 5 trips to Starbucks until I make back that £1 as a result of that.

Get one.

You will hate me, but I actually already had one of these cups, I just bought another for aesthetic reasons. 

I know I could just text you all of this but I will leave some out so I figured that I’d just rite you a really  long blog post about my life and which, now I think about it, is kind of self-obsessed.

Or is it, because I am writing to another person.

Anyway, this here, my arduous hand workout and copious amount of words, is a result of missing you do YOU KNOW HOW BADLY I WANT TO SHOW YOU THE BREAKFAST BAR THAT MY MOTHER MADE!

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