Please, answer this question, I need to know.

Lately, I have not been keeping up. With myself, with my needs, with my wants and desires.

Lately, I have been keeping up with work.

I think that in the midst of working hard and putting in effort in order to reach the ultimate goal, you will forget to make yourself happy.  I study a lot, maybe once every three days which is more than a lot  of people; I do it because I love myself and because I value my intelligence, but I think I also do it because I worry.

I worry so much that I try so hard to keep up, and I do. I hope. You keep up by trying. You work out the slots and you find empty times. But when you do this, it gets busy. Really busy. One of the most important- and cliche- additives is to balance. Everyone says it, but it is.

However, I do by no mean, mean balance work and study, or work and organisation that comes with work,or work and other people. I mean, balance everything else and loving yourself.

I do this by brushing my teeth, I give myself a talk in the mirror. Crazy, little, but true. I need to do this more. As I pile on more and more work, and as I get busier and busier, I get more tired, and I sleep, yes, but I also get so physically tired from what is only brain work, that I find it hard to motivate myself for yoga.

I know that I do ‘too much’, but I love it. But it’s new. It’s important to know that I will find a way to fix it,and that I will find a way to motivate myself, I will rest, and I will breathe, because I honestly forget sometimes.

So if you want to know how to keep up? Try harder at trying less.

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