On writing a play.

Recently, I have discovered that I love writing. It was always indubitable, I wrote my first notebook-long story about a crazy scientist in a garden shed when I was just nine- but as of late, I have been adding a more sophisticated element to my writing.

I am 30,000 words exactly into my ‘book’. It’s going so incredibly well- letting my friends read it before it is complete may have been a tiny mistake- and I am editing relentlessly the beginning and middle, and I am reshaping the plot.

Because creativity is just playing with shapes. 

Think about it, the sincerest form of creativity- I think- is a child experimenting with Play Dough and Lego, and as you get older, you draw shapes, and shape words, paragraphs and plots. You shape somebody’s bank account by playing with the numbers and you design the ways in which your company will move forward.

So is creativity just a more intermediate Play Dough experience?

All you have to do is put one word on a page, or draw one circle, and I guarantee you that if that is what you love, if that is the branch of creativity which you have taken on, something will come to you; it doesn’t even matter if it bears no significance, or if it turns into nothing- it’s creativity! It’s something!

As of late, I have been writing a play, putting two square brackets on a page, in the shape of a rectangle and colouring in between them with the design of words. Stage directions. The shaping of a formula for the perfect movie.

Emily, out.


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