I will not start off by lying, and saying that I am healthier, because I am only just walking onto the path- but I am trying.

Now, when I say ‘healthier’ I mean both in my mind and body. I have started yoga again- my new years resolution is working!(to do yoga twice a week!) and I am eating organic soups along with yoghurt and berries.

Don’t get me wrong- I am not completely on this path, or maybe I am and this is how everyone walks on strange and beautiful paths- for every night I dig into my seemingly unlimited stash of cookies, but I am mostly there, because I am trying and I care.

I’ve also been trying to be happier, I think it is mainly to do with the weather picking up, and the sun reaching through my windows. It correlated with the longer days and brighter evenings, shall we say. Having new music also helps a lot, I just press play and let Spotify take me on a one way groove cruise; having apple music constantly feeding you indie playlists helps too.

However- and here’s the punch- whilst I am understanding that complete happiness does exist, but only when you accept the sadness, I am finding it hard to gather the motivation to actually find  this happiness. It works best at around 10am in the morning, on a Saturday, with my favourite breakfast foods and good music.

So, to conclude, find your happy time, and get stuff done then– make the effort to gather motivation in your happiest time and get started and get busy. Forgive yourself for not loving yourself as much as you should or for those four cookies- switch it out to an apple if it will help, or even vegan cookies, to be paleo.

I will leave you with a few words of wisdom:

  • If you care enough to do something or about something, that’s enough. That’s the most important lesson that I have learned this week.
  • Even if you don’t feel like doing something- like going for a run- do it anyway, begrudgingly put on your running shoes and go. When you are there, you either love it and do it again, or you don’t. Just do it.
  • Take a break- everyday if you need too. Have a cookie, but be careful not to ‘reward yourself’ to often, because otherwise they become binges and too common to be rewards. They become too habitual to be sporadic and assuaging. This is something that I have discovered recently.
  • Find your time. Don’t spend your time hating it. No day will be the same as the next- but that is up to you.

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