How do you let go? You stop doing it.

Recently,I let go, and it was hard, and it was also a long time coming. I’m not saying that, right now, if they wanted me back, I would run to them, but right now, I am keeping a low profile of love. They never had me though, and I never had them.

I am trying not to feel as much.

When you let go, you see everything that you loose when you do so, and when I let go, I see how worried it made me, how much it consumed my time; because of the layout, because the grand design was almost too grand. More of a plan, with steps.

I realised what about it was so bad.

It hasn’t been that long, but I still think about it, like before, everyday, in every context.I try to ignore it,and I tell myself why I should forget about it, why I should stop thinking about it.

Sometimes the thing that you want is not the thing that you need.

So the moral here is that maybe sometimes it’s just healthier to let go than to hold on; it’s also more of a process than an instant game-changer. I can say, though, that I am much happier for it- I try less to impress them, and more to impress myself. Everything I do is for only one reason: I want to. I didn’t see it before, but I became bitter, and I struggled to see the goodness in amongst the bad-luck.

So, here, some steps:

  1. Decide what you don’t need; the trash, and why you don’t want it. Do you need it?Will you be better for it? Are you more comfortable with yourself?
  2. Stop doing it, stop talking to them, restrain yourself; get through one day, and then through the next.
  3. If it won’t go from your mind, realise that this doesn’t mean that you need it- just that it meant something to you, whether it was good or bad. We never try if we don’t think we will gain something, do we?
  4. Distract yourself, find the things that you used to love and that you do love.
  5. Reflect. Yay! I am happy, I am free. Give yourself positive affirmations if you need too-I will stay strong, I have so much more that I can give with out this.

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