Drive- Oh Wonder

This en-captures euphoria.

But what is euphoria? I believe it’s a mixture of endorphins and of the right moments; the right moments can only be made by you, something that I am slowly learning.

As I look down at my grey shirt, and my short, blonde hair, I am filled with joy, to realise that I did this. Everything that you do is a series of things that you do, yes, but you don’t necessarily choose to do these things. There is nothing better or more satisfying than doing something for yourself- like the book that I am writing, for myself only. So, these things, make sure you love them when you do them, this is something that I am slowly learning. I am learning to become a minimalist, which is easier than you think, you just stop buying stuff.

I love making other people happy, but I love myself more. And, don’t get me wrong, there are some things that you have to do, but you do not have to hate them. Don’t lie in bed all day- or do, and get up only in the night. I recently read an article which told me to go outside bundled up with a hot comfort drink(not just foods). I fully intend to do this- but I will buy a cute grey beanie first, though.

I know that when I get my drivers license and whatever car will let me drive it, that I will be content, like now, but more. I can’t wait to drive through the night with a Spotify play list, into the good parts of London and see the warm London lights speak to me.

I cannot wait to get something that I know I truly want- do something only if it amounts to your warm, London lights, and if it makes you feel warm and humble and content.

I am slowly learning that you can be really freakin’ nice and also be really freakin’ cool.

This is something that I am slowly learning, how to stop being glum in the winters and how to embrace the dark nights rather than let them sadden me; how to get up and just do something;how to be consistent with this. Content is a state, not a mood- and its capital city is you. The day is what you make it- so don’t make it nothing, make it everything that you want it to be.

I would love nothing more than to compose a list of ’20 ways to stay humble in the winter’ or ‘How to be happy.;’ but I cant, because whilst I have been completely content and whilst I have been humble in the winter, I stumbled off, but I am starting to climb back on, back up the mountain, so stay tuned, folks.

So here, I leave you with a quote, something for the history books;

‘Sadness? No, that will not stand. Kick it in the nads, you deserve better emotions.’

Stay tuned, folks.

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