This happens much more than sporadically.

Furthermore, it gets me into a frenzy, and I’m not too happy about that.

If you’re like me, you love to think that you’re one of a kind, which sure, you are, but still, we are only human, and how different is the personality margin between 1 and four hundred humans?

Chances are, that someone has the same bone structure and music taste, and does things for the same ironic reasons as I, and maybe even you, if you’re an ironic person.

Moreover, though, they wear the same clothes, the same clothes in the same shops and whilst they might not do it for the same reason, they still look the same in a fashion sense kinda view.

I cannot and will not thrive if I think I am the same- mimsa (as they would say in Spanish). I need to be different and apart.

But, as with every blog post, there must be a realisation and I think I have just stumbled upon one- maybe tripped over a fell… but we can make it more eloquent.

Sure, they wear the same clothes and have the same bone structure, but their veiws are different.

You have all these details, and an irony, sarcasm or passion for fish that comes from a root cause only you know of; you have different traits and someone might posses one of them, but not all, they are scattered everywhere, and each one is entirely your own, your pair of jeans has a different rip or place you wear them.

We’re not the same, we are similar. Potato, poh-tah-toe.

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