The thing is pretty profound.

I am writing a book. The thing about writing a book is that it starts off as only for yourself and becomes something for everyone, that grows and unfurls with every word, paragraph and chapter.

When I begun on the quest to find myself, I never imagined it would be through writing a book and doing yoga. Don’t get get me wrong though, I still haven’t stumbled upon the treasure completely, there have been set backs and hidden monsters in the dark.

Mid way through writing my book, and around 11,000 words, I decided to share it with someone very close to me… and they liked it! So naturally, I continued with the writing, as I would have anyway; soon, I had shared it with a few more people. They all liked it too, and that was great!

The thing is, though, that I wouldn’t have minded if they hadn’t have liked it, because I did it for myself, not for them. Sure, I took critism and improved throught that, but I wouldn’t have minded if their only critism had been ‘stop writing’, because I didn’t want too.

So, here’s the thing (is it really the thing? because there can only be one thing, and it seems there have been a few, which defeats the point of the thing, and depletes the significance it carries) I have noticed a correlation between doing things for myself, and only myself, and not caring or minding- however brutal we would like to be here- when people don’t like them, but when I do them for others, the outcome is far more to the left of what it should be.

Do things for yourself, ask yourself- does it matter what people think? 

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