I am in a sticky situation. I haven’t done yoga in a while(I actually just did it but that is a little to the left of the point) and I feel weird whenever I do something I love(like write my book).

However, I have become more wise and I do have a lot of savings, but amogst those savings, that stored money, are stored worries. Don’t get me wrong, my life is good, but everyone worries- right?

Ergo, here we are. I haven’t done yoga, which after a while, curbed my OCD, so you can imagine that old friend came back to throw a few rocks at me. When I decided to become the happier person that I have been all year round(I am happy now, just in a different, less evolved way) yoga was what did it.

Yoga is a part of me but getting the motivation to grab a coffee with that old friend is hard to muster(mustard, haha).

I am slowly getting back into it, and eating the same granola, and reading more, but I can’t help but feel detached from the earth, like its not the same.

I used to smile at everyone, I used to love walking, the ground used to entice a smile out of me, it still does, but instead of feeling likea beautiful parisian, I feel like I am constantly doing something wrong.

And I also feel like I am blowing this way out of proportion.

In the meantime, though, I can count on burying my concerns in an oversized, overpriced knit jumper and transferring the heat of my feelings to the heat of my starbucks.

Arrivederla, arriderchi, adios, hasta luego, is what I will say to you; and to my concerns.

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