Shamelessly embarrass yourself, and then laugh about it.

Honestly, if you fall over(and dont hurt yourself too badly) just laugh. People mock you because they see an insecurity and they see that it’s okay, but if people see that you are strong and assured, what is there left to do?

Surely, if you’re laughing, and they’re calling you imbecile… then they will look dumb, because they are putting a happy person down.

This is why you need to laugh even when it’s not your day and dance late at night to good songs and wear a comfy shirt because, it’s adorable, to yourself. Let me tell you, when you are dancing and laughing to something you love, and seeing yourself as the true adorable person that you are, no one can bring you down.

Because ‘they’re happy, they’re just  having a good time, why would you try and hurt a happy person?’

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