A story from Starbucks.

All of my blog posts seem to start with ‘Isn’t it strange’: isn’t that strange. I bet someone is saying that right now, somewhere. Maybe even in this coffee shop.

One of the reasons I love coffee shops is because everybody in it has something in common- a love of coffee.

Even though we all like coffee, though, we all like different types, and I think that’s really some food(or coffee!) for thought.

How everyone is different and whilst we all might be sharing the same room for however long, we definitely don’t share the same views. They might like Donald Trump.

Around me are whispered arguemnets and seldom spoken words; people savouring the last drops of coffee, people drinking away their breakup, or their 2 hours of sleep.

Another reason I like coffee shops though, is because of the feng shiu. Dots of light artach to the ceiling and lights hang loosly from the ceiling, sending my chakras to a happy place. The music is just right and the 3/4 beats of the underground music relaxes me, you can read a book and no one will judge you for it.

When you walk into a coffee shop, you forget about everything, you go with a friend or with yourself, and you think; I think the reason for this is because a coffee shop unites you with yourself, because you come here for a reason, for coffee.

Maybe this is crazy, but you know what else is crazy? No, me neither.

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