I was reading Elle- how cliché – when I came across a phrase, and I immediately was taken by it. Not the way you are taken by a boy or a girl, or say, the wind; taken as if for a moment I had found a tidy beginning – a starting point, the first three blocks of a child’s lego tower.

I guess you’re wondering what the phrase is? Maybe not.

‘It’s the smile of someone erecting a barrier behind which she can gather her things without being seen.’

Let’s not focus on the smile- or maybe we should, because what does that smile look like? A grimace? The smile you do when someone tells you ‘Quick! Don’t you want a photo infront of the forest before the sunsets?’ because that happens to everyone. Because a smile can be a thousand things, and only you know all of them.

That brings me onto my next point, my main point, part two of my one woman show, or blog if we’re being honest, because if you’re not honest, then what are you? Gather your thoughts, your things, your only real belongings. Your thoughts are unique, so quick, put them in a basket before anyone takes them, because life is a Louis Vuitton sale and someone else wants it.

Ergo, act fast, gather your thiughts behind your careless façade, your welcome matt, no one will see the mess behind.

Gather your thoughts, because if not now, when?

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