As I got back from a short bike ride, I lay my bike onto the small stones. I looked at the now two bikes on the ground. It was a mess. A very tidy mess, isn’t that strange? A mess that isn’t neat, but isn’t strenuous to escape. It filled me with himility to look at it.

This got me to thinking. Every where you go, you could see something that you think is cute, amongst the rubble, in a derelict town, in a cute pottery store, if you looked just right – you might find it.

That’s the thing though, isn’t it? Nothing is ever just right, it’s never easy. You’re sad, or dissatisfied because it isn’t just right; you can be happy but there is no one there to share it with, and for some that might be okay but, it just makes me feel like I’m losing the happiness.

Do you know what I mean? When who you’re with might laugh at what you think is unlaughable, might not agree.

There is a saying in Yoga,

‘The journey is more important than the destination.’

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