It’s funny, isn’t it? How we wite for pleasure, for sadness, for so many different reasons; but what’s more, what we write is almost always what we really feel, its the truest way to express yourself. You can say there are no words, but there are, there are many. 
When I write, I write for myself, if someone shoots me down. I don’t care, they can correct me and I will work on what needs to be worked on; if there’s a sentence I like though, I’ll keep it, because that sentence is a little peice of me that I dont want to let go. 

When I write, I write so that no one else sees, apart from those I really want to, if someone asks and I don’t want then to see, they won’t. 

When I wite, I write with strong coffee and fairy lights cheering me on from the sidelines. I write with songs that show the emotions I want to write; the emotiona I really feel deep inside.

Writing: it’s different for each of us, it’s what we feel and the emotions- from someone elses point of view – that we want to be heard. Everyone’s writing style is different, everyone’s story had a different meaning, that’s personal to them, it’s the truest form of feeling, I think. 

You don’t write when you don’t feel, do you? 

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