I WALKED today, through my neighborhood, which is not unusual because I do this every day on my paper round, but this time was different; I did not have the weight of wanting to get back home to watch Netflix with a coffee hanging over my shoulder.

As I walked, I saw things differently, it was contenting, these things were small but they made for big moments. I went out of my way to go on paths – that were always so obviously there- that I had never been on before, just to see things differently. 

Then a lady with her dog walked past me and we shared a smile, it was humbling because maybe she is having a bad time, maybe she is having a good time, maybe she just won the lottery, but even though there are so many endless possibilities, we each shared the same small moment, even though we know nothing.

I turned the corner and I saw a small tree with a small patch of grass huddling around it; the tree was not big – it still had 20 or so years until it would become noticeable – but it had more grass surrounding it than any other tree; the tree did not depend on the grass to grow, nor did the grass depend on the tree, but they were there, loyally by each other. I thought to myself that maybe trees are like people, maybe we are like trees.

Like trees, some people have big characters, they have lots of friends, and some people have small characters and are content with the things in their near vision, but we all have a purpose, whether we know it or not. That tree, surrounded with it’s small blades of life, will help someone breathe, maybe it will make someone smile, like the lady with her dog, we all have the power to make someone laugh, to make someone smile, to help someone breathe when maybe they are not feeling okay, alright, fine. 

So, my point is, go out of your way to help someone, make someone smile, to humble someone, take a walk. 


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